Swanton Area Community Coalition

Our Purpose

The Swanton Area Community Coalition (SACC) seeks to bring all sectors of the community to work towards reduction and prevention of substance abuse in Swanton.

Through our programming the ultimate objective is to decrease 30 day substance use. We strive to promote reduction and abstinence in drug and alcohol use within the public, both adults and youth alike.

SACC’S Community Outreach


  • Community resources will be offered to adults and youth.SACC has identified that more professional development, information, training and support is needed in Swanton, including the SPD, Senior citizens and Students. Also, the primary location where youth obtain prescription drugs is at home. When asked how two local facilities dispose of medications, they report flushing excess down the toilet. SACC hosts prescription Drug Take Back Days throughout the year.


  • The goal for the SEED programs is to have meetings focus on prescription drugs, heroin, and opiate misuse and abuse.  Curriculum topics include decision making, identification of opiate use and how to intervene with a friend you suspect of using opiates.  SACC has two different SEED groups to get involved with at the Middle School and High School.