Share The Shine To Our Community

Depression, anxiety and other challenges can weigh heavily on us each day. But at Share the Shine, we believe in the power of each person to make a positive difference, both for themselves and for humanity. Our dedicated Share the Shine Group Leaders offer monthly themed sessions aimed at transforming negative habits into life-affirming skills. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with the opportunity to give back through community projects that uplift others.

Our vision is for Share the Shine groups to focus on self-improvement, leading to a more loving, peaceful and substance-free lifestyle. By sharing our inner strength with others, we become whole and contribute to a brighter world. Join us on the journey of positivity and Share the Shine!

How You Can Get Involved

Be a Group Leader

Join Share the Shine in our mission to empower individuals to recognize their unique gifts and enhance their self-worth. Shine a bright light on mental health with us by starting your own Share the Shine group.


Support our mission at Share the Shine by donating. Your contribution helps us reduce stigma, increase awareness, and create positive change. Join us in making a difference today!